Topic 1

Reflection on Topic 1

Although initially daunting, Topic 1 has put me at ease about the idea of blogging my ideas and opinions. Using personal experiences when discussing the “Digital resident and visitor” premise gave us a large assortment of ideas and concepts to read, and gave me momentum to construct my post.



Digital Residents, Visitors and Education

Digital technology is used increasingly for a variety of purposes: social networking, recreation, marketing, research, media and learning. Theories by Prensky (2001) – although highly criticised – gave us an important framework and a typology for how individuals use technology in their day-to-day lives. The movement from “Digital Natives and Immigrants” (initially suggested by Prensky) to “Residents and Visitors” has come to light for various reasons. For example, it focusses on age-related groups rather than an individual’s skillset, and does not take into account variation within the groups (Bennett 2008). However, these frameworks are highly useful as they support learning theories, thus they can be used to implement successful and effective electronic education. (White and Conru 2011)