Final Reflection – Goodbye UOSM2008


At the beginning of this module, I was excited but still nervous about blogging for this module because (1) I deemed myself digitally illiterate!! (2) I thought the internet was for social media purposes alone. To explain just how far I’ve come since January, I’ve made this PowToon video:

Richard and I also made a brief video to discuss our thoughts on the module as a whole.

 This has been a thoroughly enriching experience, and I’m very happy UOSM2008 was even offered to me! Many other medical students would benefit from knowing some of the things I have learnt, for example the qualms of open access and maintaining a professional online identity. Sadly, it’s not offered to future MMedSc students due to curriculum changes. Hopefully I will be able to influence the Faculty into implementing something similar by showcasing my ideas from this blog!

My  End of module Self-test is a testament to the changes I’ve made. Here are my other online profiles:







(Others can be found on the right sidebar)

Photo: created by myself using Pablo []

Video 1: created by myself using PowToon: animation software []

Video 2: created by myself and Richard using iMovie


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