Reflection on Topic 3

topic 3 reflection

Photo credits. Building a professional online profile may not help me directly but it has it’s benefits…

Topic 3 has come to a close and I have gained from this experience. Building an online “professional” profile was not something I expected could help me; I am lucky enough to have a job guaranteed for me at the end of my degree. However, Richard and I both recognised the merits of using social media professionally (see Richard’s reply and my tweet):

Creating my LinkedIn wasn’t easy, but Clayton’s SlideShare came to my aid.

Using his step-by-step instructions to create an “All-Star” profile, I have advanced from beginner to expert and now I am confident with my online “resume”.

My mentor believes that LinkedIn is not the best professional site for medics. He recommended; a community for clinical/scientific research professionals to share expert and educative studies, and to develop in the academic world. This reminded me of Holly’s “industry-specific social network” theme, which resonates with the idea of finding a network niche for professional development. A very good suggestion, but I still believe thorough integration into popular social media networks can be beneficial.

Reading Richard’s blog, I realised that there are subtle yet influential things you can do for your professional profiles. A simple, consistent email signature is not only informative but looks impressive. Shaheer makes a good point about privacy, as many are wary about uploading authentic information as it could lead to identity theft, explained by Shaheer in Topic 2.

This topic has shown me how instrumental an online profile is in the professional world. Although it is time-consuming (discussed by Ellis) and could infringe on privacy, I look forward to using what I’ve learnt this fortnight to better myself online.

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2. John M Mandrola, 2014. Doctors and Social Media – It’s time to embrace the change. Dr John M. Available at: [Accessed 15th March 2016]



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