Reflection on Topic 2

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Reflective Pond, Marriotts Phuket, Thailand

Trying to condense my post for topic 2 down to 400 words was a near impossible task. What I’ve read over the past few days has been very insightful and interesting. I had already naïvely written about my take on online identities; at first I thought this would complicate things for me, but then I tried to use it to my advantage. When thinking about this topic, one always thinks of the perils – Catfishing, identity theft and trolling. Therefore, I decided to research the benefits by talking to my friends and peers, and they came up with some perceptive concepts regarding online professionalism. I thought about the change I have seen on Facebook, and used primary research in my post.

I enjoyed the different ways everyone approached this task: making videos, presentations and infographics. This is the sort of tech-savvy new ideas I can learn from this innovative module and put into practice in the future.

Sam wrote an insightful post, which made me reflect upon my Psychiatry placement. I commented with a blog that makes full use of the anonymity you have with multiple online identities. Richard and I discussed Facebook, with particular reference to privacy, identity theft and hacking. On my profile, we further discussed privacy issues and how limiting our online presence with one identity could maintain this. Agnieszka and I discussed how multiple online identities allow us the freedom of speech, and the concept of “right to delete” or “right to be forgotten” with regards to the content we post online. Kemi and I discussed how only having one online identity may actually make oneself less authentic to our real selves, as discussed by Jarvis (2011) in his blog.

Overall, from this topic I can take away:

  • Multiple online identities can be used advantageously in the correct context
  • Creative new ways to demonstrate my ideas using videos, presentations and infographics


Jeff Jarvis, 2011. One Identity or more? Buzzmachine. Available at: [Accessed 5th March 2016]


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