Reflection on Topic 1

Although initially daunting, Topic 1 has put me at ease about the idea of blogging my ideas and opinions. Using personal experiences when discussing the “Digital resident and visitor” premise gave us a large assortment of ideas and concepts to read, and gave me momentum to construct my post.

When reading White and Conru’s article (2011) I kept asking myself: “what is the point of having this framework in the first place? How does it benefit everyone?” This led me to read more of White’s TALL blog, which is how I came to understanding how this typology can be applied for the purpose of education. Therefore, I decided to construct my discussion around this. This brought a new dimension to the discussion, which was also considered in Vicky’s blog. We shared our ideas about the evolution of technology, which highlighted how our generation continues to be at the forefront of technological advancement.

Stuart’s suggestion that internet privacy is not taken into account within the typology was interesting; it led me to reflect greatly on my own experiences “in the digital world”, and the use of discretion as a student in a healthcare profession (see my earlier post). I further expanded my thoughts on internet privacy in reply to Richard’s question, where I used findings from White and Conru (2009). We also discussed the notion of being “digitally literate” and what this means for students, drawing upon ideas from JISC (2015). Clayton’s comment concerning the metaphors “tools” and “places/spaces” allowed me to further reflect on my experiences of using technology.

I feel the most important results I have gained from Topic 1’s blogging experience are:

  • Gaining the initial confidence to share my opinions about subjects that are foreign to me
  • Improving my ability to analyse other peoples’ opinions in a beneficial manner, i.e. by using references, diagrams and quotes to aid the argument.

I hope to add to these outcomes and develop them further in subsequent topics.



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