Labradors are fantastic, loyal and beautiful dogs. They are so full of life and will love you almost unconditionally.  Archie (above) is 4 years old and has brought so much more love to my family. He was supposed to be my dog, but as I left for university he became my dad’s best friend.

My dad never had any pets as a kid (the idea of having a pet dog in India was a bit rogue) so he was understandably apprehensive at first. From day one Archie grew on my pops: he started to love the pup! Archie dotes on my father as well and listens to his every word, he’s my dad’s favourite child. We simply didn’t know how clever labs were until we adopted one! This doggy can understand commands in both English and my family’s mother tongue; he goes mental when hearing the words “squirrel”, “cat”, “rabbit”, “walkies”; and he’s bloody naughty when he knows he can get away with it.  I think everyone should have pet dogs because they bring such joy to your everyday lives.

Also, labradors make excellent police sniffer dogs and (more importantly) guide dogs for the blind. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association train these pups to provide support for those who are fully and partially blind. There are nearly 4,800 guide dog owners in the UK, and these dogs have such a significant impact on lives; they help thousands living with sight loss live as independently as possible.

However, this service has no government funding and relies solely on public support. It costs £5 per day to support each working dog, so basically I’m urging everyone to support, volunteer and sponsor puppies!!! Lots of info about the history of guide dogs and how to help are on the Guide Dogs for Blind website.


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