Sweet sweet ackee?

So here are some of the many, many, many photos of me (+ many others) on our sweet sweet Caribbean elective last summer. We did some medicine…

I went to St Vincent with my two buddies and we stayed in the rather magnificent Rich view Guest house with our fantastic host, Michael. For any medical students thinking of going to St Vincent for your elective – Michael is your man. This guy was the best host we could hope for, he took us to the hospital every morning (at 7am!!), offered us breakfast and wifi for an extortionately cheap price, and took us out (pretty much) every night. Michael could party better than us, as we would often swap the cheap rum punch and soca music for a mug of hot chocolate and Modern Family on netflix. St Vincent is a beautiful island and my surgical elective was pretty good too. Here’s Rich view details: Rich view Guest house St Vincent

Then we spent 4 weeks in St Lucia with eleven other medics from Southampton. Probably my best holiday ever without a doubt. We stayed at Cathy’s Mango Plantation House up on the Morne (10 mins away from central Castries). This was a beautiful house and we had the pleasure of sharing it with 3 (I think) dogs and about 100,000,000 mosquitos. We had a great time with Junior the taxi driver,  Lester the gardener ,and Angie our fave roti lady- I would definitely recommend Cathy’s house for rental: Mango Plantation House – Cathy and Jaques.

Message me for any more info about our elective experience in St Lucia and St Vincent



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