New year new me…2016


So I completely forgot about this blog until I decided to enrol in a module at my uni (University of Southampton) about online personal networking. We’re required to start up a wordpress (unless you already have one of course..).

I didn’t realise people would actually find this! So sorry I didn’t upload all of my notes for all the subjects. I found physics particularly difficult so I made the majority of my notes about it. I actually had great notes for A2 physics, gutted I didn’t upload them as they were helpful! My old physics teacher asked if he could use them in his classes as well!

I’ve decided that I probably should continue blogging… about food, dogs, and probably Medicine (yes I got into Medicine woo).

So a little about me: I’m a fourth year medic at the University of Southampton. I’m doing an intercalated Masters of Medical Science at the moment and it’s pretty great. Medicine is tough and this masters course has shown me what it’s like to truly be a normal uni student. I’ve basically taken a year out to do biomedical sciencey (+other) modules and a big research project. I got a job last semester (we don’t talk about it anymore) and I hope to get another job soon – having a little more money goes SUCH a long way, I’ve had the time to cook, bake and buy nice things with my very lovely boyfriend!

I should probably change this website a little…


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