Final Reflection – Goodbye UOSM2008




Open Access in Science and Medicine

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Photo credits. Late night essays were made worse by the chance that my institution wouldn’t have access to an important reference.

“Check Access”.
For 4 years, this blue button has irritated me beyond belief. Writing a patient case report or research essay at 4am was never fun, and to make it worse, I was constantly at war with all the journals that would not give me or the University access to their cutting-edge research articles. (more…)

Diary of a Junior Doctor 2017

Everyone must read…

August 1st
Whew. Just got my new contract! Very exciting. I’ve heard good things from government; safer, better paid, more training opportunities. Just coming in to registrar training after a year in research so excited to be back in the hospital. Obviously all this ‘ pay protection ‘ doesn’t apply to me, but never mind! They’ve given me a ‘training agreement’ to sign, allows them to roster teaching on evenings & weekends apparently, sounds great! Signed and sent.
First day tomorrow.

August 2nd
Started today- got given my ‘work schedule‘. I thought I was supposed to go through it with my educational supervisor but they haven’t assigned me one yet. Doesn’t look like rotas I remember. Here is my first week:

Wednesday– Long day 8-21.00
Thursday– Normal day 9-17.00, On-call from home to 0800am
Friday– Night 10pm-0800am
Saturday– OFF
Sunday – Night 8pm –…

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Reflection on Topic 3

topic 3 reflection

Photo credits. Building a professional online profile may not help me directly but it has it’s benefits…

Topic 3 has come to a close and I have gained from this experience. Building an online “professional” profile was not something I expected could help me; I am lucky enough to have a job guaranteed for me at the end of my degree. However, Richard and I both recognised the merits of using social media professionally (see Richard’s reply and my tweet):


Reflection on Topic 2

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Reflective Pond, Marriotts Phuket, Thailand

Trying to condense my post for topic 2 down to 400 words was a near impossible task. What I’ve read over the past few days has been very insightful and interesting. I had already naïvely written about my take on online identities; at first I thought this would complicate things for me, but then I tried to use it to my advantage. When thinking about this topic, one always thinks of the perils – Catfishing, identity theft and trolling. Therefore, I decided to research the benefits by talking to my friends and peers, and they came up with some perceptive concepts regarding online professionalism. I thought about the change I have seen on Facebook, and used primary research in my post.